Science Camps 2018

A Typical Day at Science Camp

7:00 am: Wake up shortly after sunrise, go outside and spend a few minutes enjoying the sunshine. Pahala Plantation House
7:30 am: Off to breakfast – short five minute walk to the ‘Plantation House’ – banana pancakes on the veranda – yum!
8:30 am: Back to the cottage for clean up and to pack for today’s filed trip, Kilauea Volcano.
9:30 am: Gather at the vans, pile in – here we go!Kilauea Lookout
10:00 am: Arrive at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. A geologist talks about Hawaiian volcanoes and how they are monitored, including overviews of Kilauea Volcano's ongoing eruptions.
Thurston Lava TubeNoon: After eating lunch in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, we are walking through Thurston Lava Tube, learning how important lava tubes are to a Hawaiian-type volcano. Amazing to walk through one!
2:00 pm: Hiking the Ka’u Desert Trail.  What a weird place. Saw footprints more than 200 years old preserved in ash. Kilauea Caldera
4:00 pm: Back at camp. This is rec hour. One of the counselors is really good at photography and today she’s taking a group of us out on a photography walk.
5:30 pm: Kitchen Duty today, so I’m at the Plantation House early.
7:30 pm: Showing a film about Kilauea eruptions between 1955 and 1960. Those old guys took some chances!
8:00 pm: _MG_7078sSurprise trip up to Kilauea volcano. Standing at the lookout watching the glow coming from Halema’uma’u Crater. Awesome! And the night sky is incredible.
10:00 pm: Lights out!

Big Island Star Gazing


Please note: destinations and dates for field trips are provided here as examples and do not necessarily reflect an actual day at camp.