Curriculum Vitae

Denisse Aranda

Contact Information:


Masters of Science (2012) Material Science and Engineering, Virginia Institute of Technology, Blacksburg, VA [Contamination Control and Planetary Protection for Spaceflight Applications,]

Bachelor of Science (2010) Mechanical Engineering (Minor in Mathematics), Florida International University, Miami, FL

Honors and Awards

ISSAC Group Achievement 2016
NASA FIRST Leadership 2015
IRVE III Group Achievement 2014
Outstanding Performance 2013
NASA Director’s Award 2012
NASA Ambassador Award 2010
Winner, Research Poster 2009
NASA Commendation 2009
Scholar of the year 2008
McNair Scholar 2007


Denisse Aranda, Nadia Lima, Cristian Acevedo, Leonel Lagos, and Edgar Polo. “Thermal Analysis of a Special Grout Mixture for In-Situ Decommissioning”. Waste Management Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, February 27, 2011.

Denisse Aranda, Kevin LaMott, Stephen Wood, “Solar Stirling Engine for Remote Power and Disaster Relief,” Florida International University, Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Presentations, Miami, Florida, April 14-15, 2010.

Denisse Aranda, Dr. McDaniel “The Effect of Ultrasound in Unplugging Radioactive Waste from Department of Energy Pipelines”, Waste Management Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, March 2009.

Dr. Fran Hurwitz, Denisse Aranda, Megah Gallagher, “High-Temperature Aerogels in the Al2O3- SiO2 System”, NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (STARS) – Volume 47, Number 5, Page 47, March 16, 2009.

Dr. Fran Hurwitz, Denisse Aranda, “Aerogels in the Al2O3- SiO2 System”, Unites States Advanced Ceramics Association, Cocoa Beach, FL. January 2009.